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Comprehensive Guide to Handling Electrical Emergencies in Putney, Wandsworth, London

Welcome to TNS Electrical Solutions, your trusted emergency electrician serving London areas including Putney, Wandsworth, Fulham, Chelsea, Westminster, Kensington, Hammersmith, Shepherd's Bush, Wimbledon, and more. We understand that electrical emergencies can be stressful and dangerous situations. In this guide, we will provide you with expert advice on what to do in an electrical emergency to ensure your safety and the safety of your property.

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We're here to help - Your trusted electrician in Putney, Wandsworth

Identifying an Electrical Emergency

Recognizing the Signs

Electrical emergencies can manifest in various ways, and it's crucial to recognize the signs. Common indicators of an electrical emergency include:

  • Flickering Lights: If your lights constantly flicker or dim, it could be a sign of an underlying electrical issue.

  • Burning Odor: The smell of burning or melting plastic near outlets or switches is a clear red flag.

  • Sparks or Smoke: Any visible sparks or smoke should be treated as an immediate emergency.

  • Tripped Circuit Breakers: Frequent circuit breaker tripping indicates an overloaded circuit or a short circuit.

Immediate Actions

Your Safety Comes First

In any electrical emergency, your safety should be the top priority. Here's what you should do immediately:

  1. Turn Off the Power: If you can safely access your circuit breaker panel, switch off the power to the affected area. If you are unsure, it's best to shut off power to your entire home.

  2. Evacuate: If you smell smoke or see flames, evacuate your home immediately. Call 911 for assistance.

  3. Do Not Use Water: Do not attempt to put out electrical fires with water. Use a fire extinguisher if you have one.

  4. Stay Clear: Keep a safe distance from any electrical equipment that's emitting smoke, sparks, or unusual heat.

Contacting TNS Electrical Solutions

We're Here to Help

Once you've ensured your safety, it's time to reach out to the experts. At TNS Electrical Solutions, we specialize in handling electrical emergencies in London. Here's how to get in touch with us:

  • Phone: Call our emergency hotline at 020 3715 2919.

  • Website: Visit our website at for more information and to request assistance.

  • Email:

Additional Precautions

While You Wait for Our Arrival

While waiting for our emergency electricians to arrive, there are a few additional precautions you can take:

  1. Keep Everyone Informed: Make sure everyone in your household is aware of the situation and stays away from the affected area.

  2. Unplug Devices: Safely unplug any devices or appliances in the affected area to prevent further electrical issues.

  3. Do Not Attempt Repairs: Under no circumstances should you attempt to repair the electrical issue yourself. Leave it to the professionals.

Stay Safe With Your 5-Star Google Rated Electrician in Putney, Wandsworth

TNS Electrical Solutions is your trusted partner in handling electrical emergencies in London. including Putney, Wandsworth. Your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities. If you encounter an electrical emergency, remember to prioritize your safety, contact us immediately, and wait for our skilled professionals to resolve the issue.

For expert assistance and reliable electrical services, contact TNS Electrical Solutions today!

Remember, when it comes to electrical emergencies in Putney, Wandsworth, London, TNS Electrical Solutions is your reliable partner. Your safety is our priority, and we're here to provide immediate assistance when you need it most.

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