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Contact Information For Emergency Electrical Services: Quick and Reliable Assistance In London

Updated: Jun 27

Contact Information for Emergency Electrical Services

If you ever face an electrical emergency, knowing whom to contact can be crucial. At TNS Electrical Solutions, your trusted emergency electrician in London, we provide round-the-clock emergency electrical services to ensure your safety and restore your electrical systems promptly.


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Available 24 Hours a Day

Emergencies don’t keep regular hours, and neither do we. Our team is available 24 hours a day, ready to address any urgent electrical issues you may encounter.

Phone: 020 3715 2919

For immediate assistance, give us a call at 020 3715 2919. Our trained professionals will guide you through the necessary steps to ensure your safety while we dispatch a team to your location.

If your situation is less urgent, you can reach out to us via email at We monitor our inbox continuously to provide prompt responses to all inquiries.

TNS emergency electrician in London
Your emergency electrician in London

Are You Experiencing Common Electrical Emergencies In London?

Experiencing an electrical emergency can be daunting. Here are some common scenarios where you might need our services:

Power Outages

Sudden power outages can disrupt your daily life and business operations. We quickly diagnose and resolve the cause to get you back up and running.

Electrical Fires

Electrical fires are serious and require immediate action. If you notice smoke, burning odours, or sparks from your electrical outlets, contact us right away.

Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring can lead to dangerous situations, including fires and electrical shocks. Our team is skilled at identifying and repairing wiring issues efficiently.

Electrical Shocks

Experiencing an electrical shock when touching an appliance or outlet indicates a serious problem. It’s essential to contact us immediately to prevent further hazards.

What to Do During an Electrical Emergency

Knowing how to handle an electrical emergency can save lives and minimise damage. Here are some steps to take:

Stay Calm and Assess the Situation

Remain calm and try to identify the source of the problem without putting yourself in danger.

Turn Off Power

If safe, turn off the main power supply to prevent further issues. This can often stop an electrical problem from worsening.

Avoid Water

Do not touch electrical appliances or outlets with wet hands or while standing in water.

Contact TNS Electrical Solutions For A Fast Response

Call us immediately at 020 3715 2919 for urgent assistance. Our team will provide instructions over the phone and arrive swiftly to resolve the issue.

Why Choose TNS Electrical Solutions In An Emergency?

Choosing the right emergency electrical service is vital for your safety and peace of mind. Here’s why TNS Electrical Solutions should be your first call:

Experience and Expertise

Our experienced electricians are trained to handle a wide range of emergency situations, ensuring reliable and effective solutions.

Rapid Response

We understand the urgency of electrical emergencies and pride ourselves on our rapid response times.

Customer-Focused Service

Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. We provide clear communication and professional service throughout the entire process.

Fully Licensed and Insured

We are fully licensed and insured, giving you confidence that you’re working with professionals who meet all regulatory standards.

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Preventing Electrical Emergencies

While we’re always here to help during emergencies, taking preventive measures can reduce the risk of future issues. Here are some tips:

Regular Inspections

Schedule regular electrical inspections to identify and address potential problems before they escalate.

Update Old Wiring

Older properties often have outdated wiring that may not meet current safety standards. Upgrading your wiring can prevent many common electrical problems.

Avoid Overloading Circuits

Ensure that your electrical circuits are not overloaded with too many appliances, which can cause overheating and potential fires.

Install Safety Devices

Consider installing safety devices such as circuit breakers and surge protectors to safeguard your electrical system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I smell burning from an outlet?

If you smell burning from an outlet, turn off the power immediately and call us at 020 3715 2919. Do not use the outlet until it has been inspected and repaired.

How quickly can you respond to an emergency call?

We aim to respond to emergency calls as quickly as possible, usually within an hour. Our team is always on standby to provide immediate assistance.

Can you handle both residential and commercial emergencies?

Yes, our team is equipped to handle electrical emergencies for both residential and commercial properties.

Is it safe to reset a tripped circuit breaker myself?

While it may be safe to reset a tripped breaker, if it continues to trip, there could be a serious underlying issue. Contact us to inspect and resolve the problem.

What areas do you cover for emergency services?

We cover a wide range of areas. Please contact us to confirm if we serve your location.

How can I prevent electrical fires in my home?

Preventing electrical fires involves regular maintenance, avoiding overloading circuits, and ensuring all wiring and appliances are in good condition. Regular inspections by a professional can also help identify potential hazards.

For immediate help with any electrical emergency, remember you can reach us 24/7 at 020 3715 2919 or Your safety is our priority. TNS Electrical Solutions - The fast and reliable emergency electrician in London.

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